Simple Calendar Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Simple Calendar Android App Review (Widget)

I've been using this widget for some time now, and people are always asking on reviews what it is, so here it is! UK News and app reviews check ...

aCalendar - App Review - Best Calendar for Android Learn your phone and find fun apps!!

Featured Android App Review: DigiCal+ Calendar & Widgets [Productivity]

DigiCal is a stylish and easy to use calendar application that syncs all your appointment with Google Calendar. You can choose from five powerful calendar ...

New Google Calendar App Review and Download!

Another one of Google's apps got a material design update! The new Google Calendar app not only has aesthetic changes, but also sports many new features, ...

Business Calendar 2: Android App Arena 56

Jason Howell does a hands-on review of Business Calendar 2. For the full episode, visit

aCalendar+ Best Calendar App for Android Phone or Tablet - Review and Demo

On Google Play here: aCalendar+ Best Calendar App for Android Phone or Tablet ...

Quickly View Your Calendar Status -- Android App Review

In today's fast paced world, we often have a lot going on. Wise people use their calendars to keep track of all that. But if you don't respond to notifications from ...

Android App Review of CalWidget Calendar Widget

This is my review of CalWidget - the best, most modifiable Calendar Widget on the Android Market. And best of all it's free! Download it from the Google Play ...

DigiCal Android Calendar App Review

A reasonable Calendar replacement, with some nice widgets.

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